work4significance Day 2013 – It’s a Wrap!

work4significance day 2013Work4Significance 2013 is over….  After all the build up, the hours of preparation, emails, forms and conversations it all went smoothly and like a wedding or a good meal it was over in a flash.

What is Work4Significance (w4s), you ask?

On the first Tuesday in September participating Back In Motion Health Group practices all around Australia, host SOS Health Foundation’s premier appeal and generously donate a day’s sales or part thereof to the Foundation to support the provision of physiotherapy and related health services for disadvantaged individuals and communities in Australia.

When you walk into one of these practices, on that day, you will be greeted by blue balloons, posters, employees in bright blue t-shirts and plenty of goodies that can be purchased for a small donation. You may even have the chance to talk to a staff member who has volunteered their time and had the privilege to go and serve in any one of our programs in urban and remote locations.

work4significance Day 2013 - BIM SemaphoreTo the Practice Directors, thank you for your generosity in giving your day’s takings. We hope that you are rewarded 100 fold. To the employees and clients, thank you for your support and generosity in donating time and money. To the Group as a whole ‘Thank You’ so much for all of the time and effort you put into the decorations, competitions, cupcakes, slices,  massages and the conversations all to raise more awareness for SOS Health. You have contributed immensely to the success of the day.

This year because of the generosity of so many, the SOS Health Foundation was able to raise $71,100!

100% of these funds will be used for those in need in the field. It will go a long way in providing physiotherapy and related health services to the homeless and the marginalized.

You may never get a chance to meet them and to see their gratitude, so on their behalf

Thank you!!

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