Welcome to Palm Island Tamara

SOS Health welcomes Physiotherapist Tamara Matulick who joined our team this month (May) on Palm Island.

Tamara recently joined SOS Health full time, and is already aware of the importance of building relationships in the community.  “Without trust, we wouldn’t have a hope of getting our messages across. With trust we can educate, help people get more active and achieve their goals.”

Mums&Bubs - May 16One of the new things Tamara is doing is working with Children & Family Centre to engage with their clients, working on increasing activity levels and looking at child development.  We get referrals for the adults who come to our Clinic and we engage with the staff to increase their activity levels, and now Tamara is working with mums and their children.  “Often young mums complain of back pain from lifting their kids.  We’re wanting then to gain more control in their core muscles so they can lift their children more effectively and engage with their kids at the same time.”

More generally, SOS Health is providing better access to services for the indigenous people here and bringing better awareness around health. “I wanted to make a difference for people who need to improve their health and I can do that here without leaving Australia.  I am enjoying the challenge and enjoying the view.”

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