A walk in the Park

Walk 4 significance

Every night over 105,000 men, women and children in Australian don’t have a warm, safe home to go to. For those who don’t get a place in a shelter or emergency housing, the only options are sleeping rough or in similarly poor arrangements.  These sleeping conditions can exacerbate or lead to a variety of physical health concerns that can develop into chronic conditions if left untreated.

Focus on health

We can’t take for granted that everyone has the same access to physiotherapy to relieve  physical pain and SOS Health Foundation is making every effort to address this… because all people matter.”

SOS Health is providing free physiotherapy and related services in our Probono Physio Clinics in Melbourne and Brisbane for vulnerable people like these. We would love to extend these services to other cities and you can help.  Its just a walk in the park.

walk 4 significance

Join the Walk4Significance and change a life.

Sunday, 22 march 2015
Mitcham Park (SA)
An easy 10km family friendly walk

For information and register visit walk4signficance

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