Volunteer’s reflection on life in the Homelands

Nhullunbuy - MF Jul 15Watching basket weaving in Dhalinybuy, beach combing the croc infested waters and helping rear baby emu in Garrthalala; and playing basketball with the kids in Wandawuy. Aspects of life I experienced in four different communities I visited as a volunteer providing physiotherapy treatment for the Yolngu who live in their Homelands.

I had time to observe and reflect on life in the Homelands. A life with less stress and happiness’ just being’. No kids being corrupted by modern societal greed. A simple life. A peaceful life.

I too felt content and relaxed here…. yet at the same time somewhat frustrated with the lack of resources and services that could make a huge difference to the people. I gained a lot personally and felt satisfied that we are helping people in need. The health workers and SOS Health volunteers do the best they can with limited resources.

The people were great… the scenery stunning. An experience I will never forget and will look forward to again.

Matt Fechner
Physiotherapist, Gold Coast
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