Sometimes the best thing you can donate is your time. Whether you give a few hours, a week, or more; others will benefit immensely from your contribution. Volunteers are critical in fulfilling our vision for significance by using your time, skills and expertise in providing essential clinical health services in remote communities in Australia. Your experience in physiotherapy, podiatry, OT, Speech Therapy and other allied health specialties makes you a perfect candidate to volunteer your skills to serve the people SOS Health serves. We’re looking for allied health professionals to join our Health Outreach Teams, health education and wellness programs. We also value those with administrative, digital communications, bookkeeping, event management and other skills, volunteering to support our administration and coordination office in Melbourne. Why not complete our Volunteer Form to let us know how you might be able to lend a hand and make a difference in the life of others.

Volunteer Application form

Keen to know what Volunteering with SOS Involves? Complete our initial application form here and we’ll be in touch to talk with you.

Some quick answers to your obvious questions can be found at the bottom of the form.

IMPORTANT: To demonstrate you are serious about the need for cultural awareness and the need for SOS Health Volunteers operating within a culturally safe framework, we require all those applying to volunteer with us to complete the Center for Rural and Remote Health Cultural Orientation Plan for health professionals working with Aboriginal people. 

Once you have completed this online course which will take you between 2 and 4 hours and for which you can also claim CPD credits, you will need to email  your certificate as part of your SOS Health Volunteering application to volunteer@soshealth.org.au . The link to register and complete this free training is: http://lms.wacrh.uwa.edu.au/login/index.php

Don’t forget to save your certificate at the end so you can email it to us as part of your SOS Health Volunteering Application.

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Work with Children Card Number
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Please select all dates and locations you would be available to be selected for. Usually only 1 physio and 1 pod/OT/other allied health professional make up a team, and teams are selected on local requests and needs from our partners on the ground, based on particular expertise and experience of volunteers available. Once you have attended initial briefing and screening and confirm your interest and availability, teams will be selected based on when and where your skills can be best and utilized and will provide you with the best volunteering experience. Also, please note that Palm Island HO is open to physios, OTs, podiatrists, dieticians and related allied health practitioners. Our volunteering opportunities are expanding in 2020 and we will be sending people to remote communities in Qld & NT as we grow our partnerships in allied health provision. Please indicate which months you would be interested in volunteering in 2020
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Other Questions? Maybe the information below will help:

Who can go on an SOS Health Outreach Volunteering Experience?

We recruit Physios, Podiatrists, OT’s, Speechies, Dietitians and other allied health professionals who have successful careers and feel the need to give back – particularly to those who can’t easily access allied health services. Usually our NE Arnhem Land Outreach trips involve practitioners with more than 5 years experience, but if you have less experience than that, you can still apply for our Palm Island Health Outreach Trips.

How Long is an SOS Health Foundation Outreach Visit?

Most SOS Health Outreach trips are for 1 week Sat-Sat. We are interested in people who have the time and might be keen to do a 2 week trip as there is added value both to you as a practitioner and to those we serve. If you’re looking for a longer placement in a remote community, we’d also like to talk with you to see what might be possible.

What Does It Cost?

SOS Health Foundation exists to help close the gap in indigenous health by mobilizing allied health practitioners to go to under-served remote indigenous communities. SOS Health covers the costs of recruiting, equipping and deploying volunteers to the communities in which they serve, this includes airfares, transfers and accommodation. Volunteers donate their time, and as an investment in the mission and work of SOS Health Foundation and a commitment to the Volunteer Outreach Trip once confirmed and booked, each volunteer makes at $500 (tax deductible) donation to SOS Health Foundation. (We are also confident that once you have been and seen and experienced the need which SOS exists to serve, you will then want to get involved in other fundraising and support of the SOS cause)

Can I Volunteer with SOS if I’m an Allied Health Student?

Health Outreach Visits to NE Arnhem Land are open to allied health professionals with 5 or more years’ experience. Palm Island Health Outreach Trips are open to both experienced practitioners and recently graduated Allied Health Professionals to volunteer. SOS does have student placements for Physio students, but only 4-5 places per year and with priority given to indigenous physio students. You need to go through your University clinical placements department to request a placement with SOS Health Foundation at our Palm Island Practice.