Volunteer Profile – Brodie Sharpe

I have the privilege of introducing you to one of our awesome ongoing volunteers who has been giving of his time in the SOS Health Probono clinic in Melbourne Paulina Smith, Board Director, SOS Health Foundation


Tell us a little about yourself. . . 

Brodie Sharpe PBMelb croppedBrodie Sharpe, Physiotherapist

I am 27 years old and have been working at Back In Motion – Ascot Vale for four years after graduating from LaTrobe Bundoora. I am a very keen runner and compete in triathlons throughout the year. Other hobbies include watching sport, rock climbing, eating dumplings, reading (non-fiction only!), spending time with my girlfriend/family and regular dance sessions at my local pub.

When did you start working with SOS Health?

I started working for SOS Health Foundation in June 2016.

Have you volunteered with other charities?

This is my first major charity contribution. Other minor inputs have included charity fun runs, donating blood regularly and donating Christmas presents to those who need it more.

Is using your physiotherapy skills in your volunteering important to you? Why?

Absolutely! Physiotherapists have the opportunity to help the population with overcoming injuries, engaging in physical activity, achieving better health and improving their quality of life. I am grateful that I have these sets of skills and I enjoy trying to utilise and share my knowledge the best I can to help others.

What led you to volunteer?

It first started with my twin brother who is a qualified life coach. He undertakes countless self-development and success courses and has helped to educate me on what he has learnt and the right way to live life.

One lesson I’ve learned from him – One of the secrets for having a happy and rich life is to embrace the power of giving. This has resonated with us both quite a lot and six months ago I started a small (2 member) group called “ROAK” (Random Acts Of Kindness)’ Our slogan: ‘The secret to living is giving’.

Once we started this group I became aware of the SOS Health Foundation. I did some research into it and commenced volunteering straight away.

What role(s) have you had in volunteering? Or types of patient injuries have you treated?

The role has mimicked that of a regular physiotherapist in private practice. I find that emphasizing self-management with the clients is critical. The majority of injuries that clients come in with are of a chronic nature, therefore creating empowerment and building their self esteem through a positive outlook has been a major focus.

When telling family and friends about SOS Health what is a special moment that has encouraged you or made an impact on you personally.

I do enjoy talking about my time at the SOS Health Probono Clinic and talking about the great opportunities I have to volunteer there. I usually don’t share one story in particular but when people see the passion and joy I get when discussing it, hopefully it encourages them to think about how they can donate their time to help people in need and also feel the same joy.

What did you expect coming in to volunteer with SOS Health? Has it been what you expected? 

It is hard to know what to expect. I think I was surprised to see how friendly and thankful a lot of the clients are.

Fast and Furious . . .

What was the last picture you took with your iPhone?

Selfie with friends at the cricket Boxing Day Test.

Best compliment you have received?

I wish it was on my singing. But I think any compliment on my dancing is a good confidence booster.

What did you do for your latest birthday?

Celebrated with friends at the Merrywell at Crown.

How do you want to be remembered?

Someone who has lived life to the fullest.

Hypotheticals . . .

Ugly and live forever or attractive and die in a year?

Ugly and live forever (I could get a lot of reading done).

If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else, who would it be and what would you do?

Justin Timberlake – hit the d-floor

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