Brodie Sharpe

Back In Motion Ascot Vale

It was hard to know what to expect when I first started volunteering at SOS Health Probono Clinic in Melbourne. I was surprised at how friendly and thankful the clients were.

One of the lessons I learned through my twin brother is the secret for having a happy and rich life is to embrace the power of giving.  This resonated with me quite a lot and in mid 2016 I started a small (2 member) group named “ROAK” (Random Acts Of Kindness)’ the slogan is ‘The secret to living is giving’.  It was around this time I became aware of SOS Health. I did some research into the Foundation and commenced volunteering straight away.

As a 27 year old Physiotherapist, I have had the opportunity to help people with overcoming injuries, engaging in physical activity, achieving better health and improving their quality of life. I am grateful that I have skills set and I enjoy trying to utilise and share my knowledge the best I can to help others.

The role at the SOS Health Probono Clinic has mimicked that of a regular physiotherapist in private practice. I find that emphasizing self-management with the clients is critical. The majority of injuries that clients come in with are of a chronic nature, therefore creating empowerment and building their self esteem through a positive outlook has been a major focus.

It was hard to know what to expect when I first started with SOS Health Probono Clinic in Melbourne. I think I was surprised to see how friendly and thankful a lot of the clients were.

I enjoy talking about my time at the Clinic and sharing about the great opportunities I have to volunteer there. I usually don’t share one story in particular and hope the passion and joy I get when discussing it, will encourage people to think about how they can donate their time to help anyone in need and also feel the same joy.