Palm Island welcomes SOS Health Physiotherapist

A long time in coming, but worth the waitphysiotherapist Jane Linton

Today, SOS Health Foundation welcomed Jane Linton, to the role of full time Physiotherapist / Practice Manager at SOS Health Services – Palm Island. We are delighted to have Jane join the team.  Her husband Ned, and their little daughter have joined her to live on Palm Island to learn about the beautiful people and develop relationships.

Day one was spent meeting and greeting service providers and key community members  as Jane began her role of ensuring the real allied health needs on Palm Island are identified and addressed.

Jane is Aboriginal, from the Gumbaingirr tribe from around Coffs Harbour on the north coast of NSW. Jane recognises that not all indigenous young people are as privileged as she has been, and don’t have the same education opportunities she has received  She has a heart to help those in need and is grateful for the opportunity this position provides “I would love to use my skills to work with Aboriginal people who have been less fortunate than me”.

An experienced physiotherapist, Jane has specialist skills in general adult rehabilitation- neurological, stroke, orthopaedic, post surgery, falls prevention, amputee and chronic diseases.

There is a great deal to be done before the Practice is operational, and we are looking forward to the completion of the Practice fitout in the next few weeks.  We look forward to working with Jane to develop a successful Practice.

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