Health Outreach Program

NE Arnhem Land

Our long term commitment to remote indigenous homeland communities is to provide a range of allied healthcare, health promotion and education where these services are generally unavailable or limited. Working together with local health organisations our volunteer physios and podiatrists are assisting to close the gap in health outcomes and helping to enrich the health of these communities. We are currently looking to expand our Health Outreach Program in North East Arnhemland to include Limited access.

For many Yolngu, access to their Homelands by road is further limited by weather conditions, and medical teams are flown in to cater for the health needs of Homeland Community residents.

Current challenges in NE Arnhem Land

The poor state of Indigenous health today is a result of decades of neglect and inadequate services. The Yolngu people of NE Arnhem Land, at the top end of Australia’s Northern Territory, are among those to have suffered for this lack of services. They often go without treatment for long periods of time, risking unnecessary complications.

Inequality in service availability

Although essential health services are available, physiotherapy, podiatry and related allied health services are limited to the larger centres. People living in remote Homeland Communities have little or no access to these services; with the closest practitioners located hundreds of kilometres away at a regional hospital.

Limited access

For many Yolngu, access by road is further limited by weather conditions, and medical teams are flown in to cater for the health needs of the Homeland Community residents.

The Yolngu (in the Homelands) look forward to the SOS Health teams’ arrival. They see their ‘hands-on’ treatment as more aligned with their own bush medicine.

Jeff Cook ~ Manager, Laynhapuy Health

What SOS is doing?

Physio services

We can’t offer a ‘quick fix’ solution, however SOS Health is working together with local health organisations in this remote region, to achieve health equality for the Yolgnu people over the longer term through the provision of regular physiotherapy, podiatry and related services.

Health Outreach Program

Our volunteer physios and podiatrists are already having a positive impact on the communities by providing assessment, interventions and treatment. The capacity to improve the physical health and quality of life for many in these Homeland Communities cannot be underestimated.

Close the Gap

SOS Health Foundation is working to assist in Closing the Gap in health outcomes for people in remote indigenous communities by increasing availability and access to physiotherapy and podiatry services. We are also seeking partnerships with other health service organisations to further improve health outcomes for Yolgnu people.

Why volunteer with SOS Health Foundation

Focus on Allied Health

SOS Health Foundation was formed by physios to provide opportunities for allied health practitioners who want to use their skills and expertise to ensure quality services are available when and wherever needed, even in the most remote communities in Australia.

It’s an experience

We visit some of Australia’s most remote communities and locations, places that most people will never get to see. Volunteers join the Health Outreach Program because they want to ‘give back’ to those less fortunate, and we can make that happen. What most people don’t expect is just how much they gain from the experience.

All organised for you

We make it easy for you to get involved. We plan your itinerary and take care of all the details, including travel, accommodation, cultural orientation, and program facilitation. You are free to focus on what you do best and enjoy the experience of serving the health needs of those who would otherwise go without, right here in your own backyard.

Sustainable impact

We work collaboratively with local organisations to ensure that we are hitting the most in-need areas and having the most effective long term outcomes.

How can you help?


Volunteer with us

Sometimes the best thing you can donate is your time. Whether you give a few hours, a week, or more; others will benefit immensely from your contribution.


Donate to us

With your financial support, we can continue to provide physiotherapy, podiatry, OT and other allied health services with our on the ground partners on Palm Island and in North East Arnhem Land.


Join a Fundraiser

Join us in raising funds to support health improvements for the indigenous Australians. Create your own community fundraising event or join one of ours.