SOS Health Foundation was formed to provide an avenue for physios and other allied health professionals to volunteer their time, skills, expertise and talents for those in need.

There are many within Australia who do not have access to physiotherapy and other allied health services due to remoteness, poverty and disadvantage. Our commitment is to help improve the health of disadvantaged remote indigenous communities by facilitating teams of volunteers to step out of their comfort zone and provide caring health services along with health and wellness education where access to these is needed… to be significant in the lives of others.

This can only be achieved through your generous gifts and the support of our partners and volunteers.

How you can help

The success of our programs depends on compassionate people who share our vision and desire to provide quality allied healthcare for indigenous Australians in remote communities.

Volunteer with us

Your physio, podiatry, OT, dietetics and other allied health professional skills are of particular value, but not essential. Your contribution will benefit others immensely by meeting the most basic health needs of the disadvantaged.


Donate to us

Every gift, no matter what the amount, will go a long way to supporting health programs for disadvantaged individuals and communities throughout Australia. Help us improve the holistic physical health and wellbeing of those in need.


Join a Fundraiser

The SOS Health Foundation relies on the generous support of the community and our generous donors to enable us to continue our work. You can make a positive difference in the health of others by fundraising on our behalf.

Did you know?
1 in 8 Australians live below the poverty line.

are indigenous
are single parents
are jobless
are elderly

There is a significant gap between the predominantly high standard of health non-indigenous Australians enjoy and the poor health of so many Indigenous Australians.

Those living in remote communities are further disadvantaged by having limited, irregular or no access to health services, such as physiotherapy, podiatry and related allied health services and health education.

The Opportunity

Australia has over


Qualified Physiotherapists and Allied Health Professionals

They use their skills daily to improve health and wellness of everyday Australians. Many wish to utilise their skills by volunteering and serving those who don’t have access to these services.

We can make a difference

We are working to improve the health of Indigenous Australians, because all people matter.

By mobilising allied health professionals, using our collective skills and talents, we can provide medical support, physiotherapy intervention, podiatry and related health services, and education to significantly and sustainably improve the health of those in remote indigenous communities.

We partner with others
Working together with local health service providers and the communities themselves, we can contribute to long term solutions which laynhapuy_healthwill assist in improving health outcomes.


Your contribution impacts those in need

Your donation, no matter how large or small, will be used to impact the health of Indigenous Australians in remote communities. Thank you!

Contact Us

Phone: 1300 859 451