What is Workplace Giving?

Workplace giving allows businesses and employees to invest in the community and build a reputa tion as a socially responsible business. It is a simple and effective way for employees to make regular donations through automated payroll deductions to the SOS Health Foundation to fund various initiatives which are transforming disadvantaged individuals and communities through Allied healthcare.

Good for YouCraig in Birany Birany

Workplace Giving means instant tax benefits and most people report that they don’t miss the little bit that comes out of their pay. It’s a smarter, tax-effective way of giving and can build a sense of personal pride as you knowingly contribute to pain relief and health improvements where they are needed the most – making a real and significant difference.

Good for Business

one dollar a day LEmployers report greater staff engagement, reputation and social impact. Workplace Giving helps to build a sense of community at work. Shared social values, a sense of community and a genuine desire to make a difference, are what many of your employees are looking for in their workplace.

Good for disadvantaged Australians

Small regular donations add up quickly. Partnering with 100 people, all contributing just $1 a day for a year, together we could:

  • Facilitate Health Outreach teams of two physios, six times a year to remote communities like NE Arnhem Land where Yolgnu people would not otherwise have access to allied health services.
  • Undertake our Health and Culture Walks and Camps with primary and secondary school kids on Palm Island to grow their experience and understanding of their culture and care for their own health.GetInvolved-donate

Good for SOS Health Foundation

Workplace Giving programs typically have much lower administration costs associated with them than other types of fundraising and the Workplace Giving Program can provide a solid, regular income stream for the SOS Health Foundation.

Who can get involved in Workplace Giving?

Everyone has the opportunity to contribute directly to the SOS Health Foundation through regular pre-tax Workplace Giving in their place of employment.

 What happens at tax time?

In a pre-tax Workplace Giving system you will have already received the tax benefit throughout the year for your donation.

For further information check out the ATO website

I’m ready to give through Workplace Giving

Download the Workplace Giving Program form, complete and give to your Payroll Officer.

We do not have Workplace Giving where I work, however I would like to start a Program.

Complete the Expression of Interest form and we will send you a Kit which provides information to help you begin.

Expression of Interest

Donate by Phone

Call 1300 859 451 and have your credit card details on hand to donate over the phone.

Donate by Fax

Download our printable donation form and fax to
1300 859 452.

Donate by Mail

Download our printable donation form and post to:
SOS Health Foundation
PO Box 1220
Waverley Gardens VIC 3170

Contact us to find out how.