Back In Motion logoThe SOS Health Foundation was founded in 2009 to translate the success of Back In Motion Health Group (BIM) into long term significant benefits in the lives of those who are  disadvantaged. The functioning of SOS was and remains focused around the premise that this could be achieved by taking the growing ‘success’ of our commercial lives – increased financial resources, learning experiences, time freedoms, skills diversity and human resources – and finding creative and meaningful ways to have a sustainable impact on those less fortunate. ‘Significance’ can be achieved in the way we build relationships with people, the encouragement we offer, the money we donate, the training and health services we support, or the kindness we show.

Although SOS remains the ‘charity of choice’ for the Back In Motion Health Group, we are very much an independent NFP public benevolent institution. We engage with other like-minded people and organisations within the health services arena who also want to make a difference in the lives of others.