SOS Team

The SOS Health Foundation was formed by physios to provide an avenue for physios and related health professionals to volunteer their time, skills, expertise and talents for those in need.

There are many within Australia who do not have access to physiotherapy and related health services due to remoteness, poverty and disadvantage. Our commitment is to improve the health of disadvantaged indigenous individuals and communities in remote Australia by overseeing and facilitating teams of volunteers to step out of their comfort zone and provide caring health services along with health and wellness education where access to these is needed… to be significant in the lives of others.

This can only be achieved through your generous gifts and the support of our partners and volunteers.

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SOS = Success or Significance

The name of our Foundation is designed to constantly challenge us to reflect on whether we are chasing Success as an end in itself, or more importantly as a means to be Significant.

People are at the heart of what we do. We value each individual and we seek to bring healing, health and wholeness to individuals and communities.

Our name, SOS stands for Success or Significance. Those who volunteer and partner with SOS Health Foundation have a heart-felt desire to give something back, recognising that it is not our Success which gives life meaning, but our decision to invest ourselves and our resources in something of Significance – others.

The heart shape of our logo is made of thumb prints. Just as each fingerprint is unique, so is each person we serve, each volunteer we deploy, each community, and each of those who partner with SOS Health Foundation in our mission.

The thumb print also symbolises the care and transformation we bring to people’s lives through touch. Allied health professionals are literally hands on carers, seeking health and healing through the multiple ways our people, services and programs touch lives.

The colours of our logo represent the lands and communities we serve. The indigenous peoples of the red land of N.E. Arnhem Land, and those whose land is surrounded by the blue sea of Palm Island.

Through journeying with people and communities the, changes SOS Health Foundation brings lead to improved health, well-being, dignity and hope, those things required to become strong, empowered and self-sustaining communities.

SOS Health Foundation is a non-profit, public benevolent institution, endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient in Australia.