Did you know?

1 in 8 Australians live below the poverty line.


58% are indigenous


22% are single parents


28% are jobless


7% are elderly

People living in poverty commonly suffer greater levels of physical and mental health issues.

The opportunity

Those living in remote communities are further disadvantaged by having limited, irregular or no access to health services, such as physiotherapy, podiatry and related allied health services and health education.

The Opportunity

Australia has over

Qualified Physiotherapists and Allied Health Professionals

They use their skills daily to improve health and wellness of everyday Australians. Many wish to utilise their skills by volunteering and serving those who don’t have access to these services.

We can make a difference

We can make a difference

We are working to improve the health of disadvantaged people within Australia, because all people matter.

By mobilising allied health professionals, using our collective skills and talents, we can provide medical support, physiotherapy intervention, podiatry and related health services, and education to significantly and sustainably improve the health of those in need in an urban setting or remote indigenous communities.

We partner with others


Working together with local health service providers and the communities themselves, we can contribute to long term solutions which will assist in improving health outcomes.

What SOS does

What SOS is doing

Health Outreach Program

NE Arnhem Land

Our long term commitment to remote indigenous homeland communities is to provide a range of allied healthcare, health promotion and education where these services are generally unavailable or limited. Working together with local health organisations our volunteer physios and podiatrists are assisting to close the gap in health outcomes and helping to enrich the health of these communities.

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Pro Bono Physio Clinic

Urban Probono Allied Health Clinics

Our volunteers are providing physiotherapy and podiatry services for those who would not otherwise have access to these services. Partnering with the Salvation Army, we are committed to ensuring the homeless, those at risk, and those in desperate need of good physical health outcomes in urban areas, receive quality physiotherapy and podiatry in a safe environment where all clients are treated with respect, dignity and care, and privacy is assured.

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Health Outreach Program

Palm Island, Nth Queensland

Our long term commitment to the remote Palm Island indigenous community is to provide a range of accessible allied healthcare services with cultural sensitivity. Working with SOS Health Services – Palm Island, the community, and local service providers, volunteers contribute to long term solutions and measurable positive health outcomes.

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Allied Health Service

SOS Health Services - Palm Island

EVERY Australian should have access to physiotherapy and related health services when needed, but sadly many people don’t. SOS Health Foundation is working to Close the Gap in health outcomes for people in remote indigenous communities.


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How you can help

How you can help

The success of our programs depends on compassionate people who share our vision and desire to provide quality allied healthcare for all people in need within Australia.

Volunteer with us

Your physio and podiatry skills are of particular value, but not essential. Your contribution will benefit others immensely by meeting the most basic health needs of the disadvantaged. You can volunteer for a few hours a month or for a one-off project.

Apply to Volunteer

Donate to us

Every gift, no matter what the amount, will go a long way to supporting health programs for disadvantaged individuals and communities throughout Australia. Help us improve the holistic physical health and wellbeing of those in need.

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Join a Fundraiser

The SOS Health Foundation relies on the generous support of the community and our corporate friends to help us continue our work. You can make a positive difference in the health of others by fundraising on our behalf.

Fundraising events

Your contribution impacts those in need

YOUR donation, no matter how large or small, will be used to impact the health of disadvantaged people within urban and remote Australia!